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2012 Fox Den Net Birdie Wednesday Golf League




General Details:


Payouts (projected):





Like the USGA, we are using differentials, which are designed to reflect potential and take into account course difficulty.  We are calculating them similarly, but with slight changes due to fewer rounds and playing only 9 holes.  If you are curious how the USGA computes handicaps, check out (takes lowest 10 of last 20 differentials).  A differential is calculated from your score using the course rating and the slope.  How we will calculate a differential:

R = Course Rating… front 9 is 34.5, back 9 is 34.8.

S = Slope… front 9 is 121, back 9 is 123

A = Adjusted score… adjusting your score for any holes higher than a triple bogey

Differential = (AR) * 113 / S * 0.9


Computing a handicap:

            Take the average of the differentials to be used and round down.


Differentials to be used:  

New guys:

·         First week’s differential sets your first and second week handicap

·         After 2 rounds: lowest of your 2 differentials


·         First week handicap based on the lowest 60% of last year’s differentials

·         After 1 round: 75% last year with 25% round 1 differential from current season

·         After 2 rounds: 50% last year with 50% lowest 1 differential from current season

 Everyone after 3 rounds:

·         After 3 rounds: the lowest 2 of the last 3 differentials

·         After 4 rounds: the lowest 2 of the last 4 differentials

·         After 5 or more rounds: the lowest 3 of the last 5 differentials


League-specific Rules:


Yet TBD: